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Miscellaneous Creations

I like to create things, whether it be Lego houses or cupcakes. I'm sharing some random creations of mine here for you to see, and maybe even be inspired by. I created something called the Sourpower Caramel. It is a chewy treat that is first...

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My New Garden

I recently planted some more plants in my front garden, making it a full- out herb garden and flowerbed! It took me awhile, but the (almost) finished product is beautiful. The reason there is so much space between some plants (flowers especially) is...

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The Portable Changing Room

The Portable Changing Room: invented, designed, and created by Kira Luna!          Have you ever gone to the beach and not wanted to change in the wet, slimy public bathrooms? Do you have a packed schedule and no desire to change outfits in your car? Well,...

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My Silly Poems

I love writing stories and poems, so I got two favorites that I wrote recently... and shared them here… -This one is called: Ally and the Mosquitoes            Ally Allison Dare                                               has mosquito bites everywhere  ...

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Aussie’s Growth Spurt

Over the past three years, Aussie, one of my two dogs, has grown a LOT. He used to be the size of his current head! He's tripled in size and weight. Here are some photos...                               If you are wondering what happened to my OTHER dog,...

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What About Patty?

Did you read my previous two "Doggies" articles? They are called, "My Dogs" and "Aussie's Growth Spurt." If you haven't, then I'll tell you this: those two articles give you the overview of everything DOG in my life. I wrote one article specifically on...

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My dogs

I have two dogs; a boy and a girl. Aussie is the boy, and Patty is the girl. Aussie is a medium-sized Australian Cattle dog mutt. He has floppy brown ears and a white body with small brown spots. Patty is also an Australian Cattle dog mutt. She has pointy...

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About me

Hi! My name is Kira. I'm eleven years old. I go to Falcon Cove Middle School, and I am in 7th grade. Middle school is pretty different from lower school, especially since I've only been to private schools most of my life. I don't have a very busy...

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Here’s a monologue that I found online- I thought it was cute!


Hiring a Dog

You won’t believe what I saw the other day! I’m a manager at Best Buy, and I was minding my own business when a dog approached me with the poster from outside clutched in his mouth. The poster said: “Now hiring. Must be able to type, to program. And must be bilingual. We are an equal opportunity company.” I stood there, surprised. Finally, I decided to go with the flow ( wink at judges).

I pulled up a chair and a computer, and said “You have 20 minutes, dog” 15 minutes later the dog had written out a spotless essay about store management and made the perfect website for the store- including the updates we’d been meaning to do!Impossible! (Hit your self in the head) “Look, I know you have the qualifications, but, well… (laugh sarcastically) you’re a dog.” I say to it.

The dog nudges the words “We are an equal opportunity employer.” on the poster with his nose. (Sigh) I didn’t know what to do. I mean, I had to hire him. But then it hit me. “There’s no way you’re bilingual.” I said confidently. The dog barked in protest, then looked me right in the eyes, and said, “Meow.”