Sports and Fitness

On the weekends I’ve started going to Muscle Beach (Lummus Park) in South Miami Beach to lift weights with my dad! I’ve historically done a lot of cardio and flexibility training, so starting to lift weights has been a new and exciting adventure.

A Wall Back is a backflip done by kicking off a wall, and here I have a cushioned, slanted surface (I’m cheating a little) to do the flip.


 I used to do competitive gymnastics; however, competitions began taking up too much time and I began to want to focus on schoolwork, so now I’ve downgraded to a non-competitive gymnastics class where we just do tricks for fun. I learned how to do a few things in that class, such as the Wall Back (left), and Aerial (right)!

An Aerial is basically a cartwheel with no hands, and here I’m running on an Air Track and landing on a slightly lowered, cushioned surface (again, cheating slightly), but it’s an Aerial nonetheless!

This is a Webster, or a front flip done by swinging your leg to gain momentum. 

This is a Wall Spin- I’m using a slanted, cushioned mat here, and it’s basically a cartwheel with your hands on the wall, and your legs tucked in.

I sometimes go paddleboarding in the canal behind my house

I sometimes do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts with my dad on the weekends!

I got 2nd place in a 5 kilometer (3.1 mile) run!



I used to do competitive gymnastics quite a few years ago- I’m not on a team anymore, but I’m still doing informal gymnastics and learning new tricks!