After my 10th grade year, I earned an award from the National Hispanic Recognition Program from CollegeBoard for my academic achievement (including GPA, AP exam scores, and SAT score) and my Hispanic heritage.



After receiving my results for the 2023 AP exams, I received the award AP Scholar with Honor for my exam scores.



During the summer of 2023, I attended Cal Poly’s Summer Springboard Coding and Web Design program, where I learned how to code my own website, as well as accessibility and design best practices. After completing the course, I was granted a certificate from the program.



After two years of debate rounds and tournaments, I earned the NSDA Merit (2019), and then Honor (2023), awards for all the officially recognized rounds I competed in.



In 10th grade (2022-23) I took Spanish 2 Honors Pre-AICE with Ms. Barrera, and for my hard work throughout the school year, I was awarded the Academic Excellence award for the class.



Additionally, in 10th grade I took AP Computer Science A with Ms. Corridon, and I was also awarded the Academic Excellence award for that class.