About Me!

Hi! My name is Kira. I’m 15 years old and go to Cypress Bay High School, in 10th grade. I love reading and writing, as well as arts and crafts- you can always find me doing something fun like working on a new art project, building a DIY gadget, shipping out an order from my Etsy shop, reading a book, or coding something!

My weekends are usually the most eventful– I’m always doing something new; going on a boat trip, 3D printing something (here’s my Etsy page, I sell all kinds of fun homemade gizmos), building a new gadget (i.e. projection screen, matchbox racer ramp, patio decoration, etc.), cooking for friends and family, playing VR videogames, and more. I post a lot of things that I listed right here, on my blog!

My weekdays usually consist of school and homework– I’m taking Algebra 2 Honors, AP Psychology, AICE English Language AS, AP Biology, AP Computer Science A, Spanish 3 Honors Pre-AICE, and Debate 2 Honors.

I really like building things (physical or virtual), creating fun presentations and projects at school, and reading and writing (especially here). I hope you learn something about me by reading this and the rest of my blog, so let’s get to it!

-Kira Luna