About Me!

Hi! My name is Kira. I’m twelve years old. I go to Falcon Cove Middle School, and I am in 7th grade. Middle school is pretty different from lower school, especially since I’ve only been to private schools most of my life. I don’t have a very busy after-school schedule, so I’ll probably post another story or article soon. Oh, and you should know this about me: I LOVE READING. Just saying.

My weekends are usually the most eventful. I’m always doing something new; going on a boat trip, building a new gadget (i.e. projection screen, matchbox racer ramp, Halloween decoration, ect.), visiting friends or family, or a million other things that I sometimes do over the weekend.

My weekdays usually consist of school, eating, and sleeping, and homework. Thankfully, I always have two days to do my homework. It’s called an AB schedule. Day A, I have four classes, Day B, I also have four classes. I like my classes spread out over two days, but each class is 90 minutes!

I really like building things, improving my garden, creating fun presentations and projects at school, and reading and writing (especially here). I hope you learned something about me by reading this and the rest of my blog, so let’s get to it!


-Kira Luna