I love writing stories and poems, so I got two favorites that I wrote recently… and shared them here…

-This one is called: Ally and the Mosquitoes

           Ally Allison Dare

                                              has mosquito bites everywhere

                                              one on her back

                                              one on her rump

                                              Man, those mosquitoes must be plump!

                                              Her hip and her lip

                                              her nose and her toes.

                                              Wow! They’re huge! Look at those!


-This one is: Couch Potato

          My brother, the couch potato

          sits and dips his Dorito chips

          in bowls of tomato.

          He avidly watches TV to hear

          just how the Pioneers beat the Musketeers.

          Can I have water? He’d ask.

          I just responded with sass.

          “Potato, potato, what’s that you say?

          potato, potato, I’ll do it… another day.”

          These conversations lasted years

          Until my brother would cry real- live tears

          Watching the pioneers beat the musketeers.

          He’s found that people will pay good money

          just to watch something funny.

          So, him and his potato self

          are paid to watch their favorite teams

          lose, for some expensive memes.

          Honestly, though, he’d do anything for a bag of chips

          and yes, of course,

          some tomato dips.