For my Literary Fair submission in 10th grade, I came up with an original rhymed verse poem; an allegory about the stars and seeing the beauty of life. I hope you enjoy!


The Stars

When I was a child, the Stars were loud;

They’d twinkle all day and all night.

I’d play all around them, and without a doubt;

These were the best times of life.


Then came adults, who taught me a way

To think, to speak, and to feel.

I disliked it so; it lowered me down,

The ground grew ever so near.


I fought and I kicked and I screamed and I waited,

And I’ll say that help never came;

Eventually, though, I knew it was fated,

And my eyes glossed over all the same.


The children I’d see at play above,

they irked me beyond belief.

I could no longer see what they always saw,

And that did fill me with grief.


I pulled them back down to Earth at once;

taught them to see as I did.

Never once did I stop and it make me pause;

that perhaps that’s what happened to me.


Once on my deathbed, I’ll admit that I saw;

the world got lighter and lighter.

My eyes had never been open at all;

now the Stars, they’d never shone brighter.