I like to create things, whether it be Lego houses or cupcakes. I’m sharing some random creations of mine here for you to see, and maybe even be inspired by.

I created something called the Sourpower Caramel. It is a chewy treat that is first mouth- wateringly sour, then chewy, gooey, and sweet! To make it, get a small caramel (if it’s too big, you can cut it) and dunk it in water. Then, roll it into a ball and dunk it into a mix of powdered sugar and food- grade citric acid (ratio= 1:3 ; citric acid:powdered sugar, adjust amounts according to how sour you’d like it). Put it in a baggie, and TA-DA!!!

These sticky treats (I call them Marshmallow Puffs) are pretty much s’mores- but made in the oven. Pop one or two marshmallows in a bowl (not too many, because they rise too much, touch the top of the oven, and either fall off the side of the bowl or catch on fire and burn- I know from experience). Turn the heat to 400°F and take it out when it starts swelling like crazy (5-10 min?)


This Crowd Control SWAT Team truck’s advanced features make it special among vehicles because of its: spacious easy- access hinge- open back compartment, used to store problematic or law- breaking people. Twin high- pressure water blasters on the top of the truck and at the front of the truck provide it with high- tech crowd control, with adjustable pressure for different situations. The vehicle also has a detachable rope on the back for towing, and a spacious undercarriage compartment. Finally, what sets it apart from all other trucks is its expandable wings that let it soar as high as 400 feet in the air, and those wings also bend down and create a buoy or raft for the Crowd Control Truck to float on water.

-Designed and made by: Kira Luna

I made some sushi, and I wanted to share the finished product…

This is when I was making Valentine's day cookies for my friends at school

Me eating one of the Valentine's Day cookies I made

The homemade Valentine's Cookies wrapped up for my friends