My dogs

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Doggies

I have two dogs; a boy and a girl. Aussie is the boy, and Patty is the girl. Aussie is a medium-sized Australian Cattle dog mutt. He has floppy brown ears and a white body with small brown spots. Patty is also an Australian Cattle dog mutt. She has pointy black ears and a white body with big black patches.Her name is Patty because her original name was Patches, but I thought that Patches was too long.

Aussie LOVES catching his frisbee in midair, and patty catches her ball in the air, as well. Patty can jump five feet, but Aussie can only jump two.Let’s see…what else can I tell you about them? Oh! Aussie is very aggressive when it comes to petting. He will nudge your hand or place his paw on your hand in order to get your attention. When he has your attention, he’ll lean against you and growl. If you don’t pet him, he’ll give you the silent treatment for a little while before starting the process all over.

Patty, on the other hand, will just sit obediently and wag her tail and stare at you (or your food) while blinking her little dog eyelashes. She has such long nails that we usually don’t let her paw us, but sometimes she is so irresistible that she can get away with it.

You can take a look at the picture to compare and contrast, and make sure to leave a comment in the comments box!