What About Patty?

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Doggies

Did you read my previous two “Doggies” articles? They are called, “My Dogs” and “Aussie’s Growth Spurt.” If you haven’t, then I’ll tell you this: those two articles give you the overview of everything DOG in my life. I wrote one article specifically on Aussie, and, if you read it, you are probably thinking, “What About Patty?” (in case you didn’t notice, that is the title of this post). So I wrote this article all about Patty. This time, I am going to go deeper into Patty’s personality and habits by using bullet points.

Her Tail

  • Patty has the habit of using her tail to whack anything and everything she can.
  • She even uses it to whack Aussie’s face!

She Likes to Eat Things

  • And not just rocks, towels, and socks, but also poisonous toads.
  • We once had to take her to the animal hospital because of it.
  • If your dog ever foams at the mouth, hides in the garage, and walks around knocking into walls as if he or she is drunk, then he or she probably killed and or ate a toad. Get help immediately!

First…She Was Stupid. Then…?

  • When we first got Patty, she couldn’t be trained.
  • She would race after the ball, glance at it, and come striding back to you, empty-mouthed.
  • Now, she can jump fences on command, sit, stay (even when her food is right in front of her), lay down, go outside, and, “get out.”
  • We still don’t know why her little dog brain didn’t mature as fast as Aussie’s did, but we are sure glad it did!

She opens doors

  • She can open any door that faces outward.
  • We always have to bolt-lock our doors because she opens them.
  • Once, we went to Miami Beach, and when we came back, Patty had locked herself in my dad’s room!

That’s it.

  • I don’t want to make this article thingy too long or anything, so that’s it. Here are two more unnecessary bullet points :
  • That’s it.
  • That’s it.

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