My Lego World

I made a Lego world on February 19, 2018, and I want to show you around. I used a couple sets to do some sophisticated things, but otherwise it was all my creativity. Enjoy the tour!

This is my full world. We are zooming in on the plane…

Let’s take a look around the plane…

Now, we are zoomed in on a seal sitting on a rock in the ocean.

Here, there is a girl kayaking in the ocean.

She is taking photos with a camera that is attached to her kayak.

Another girl is waving at her friend, who is kayaking. Let’s now zoom out to the surf shop.

We will now tour the surf shop. Let’s go inside!

Inside the shop, there is a sunglasses rack that can turn in circles.

The surf shop also sells water bottles and postcards. The cashier is patiently waiting for someone to come in.

Over here, they have all kinds of beach goodies. But enough of the surf shop. Let’s get out of here!

Outside, there is a really mad-looking guy with a surfboard that he got from the rack, which is behind him.

As you can see, there is a shower and a water dispenser behind him, as well. But enough of this weird-looking crazy surfer dude. Let’s move on to the lighthouse, where a curious little girl is exploring.

Here’s a quick look around.

This is the actual light of the lighthouse. Anyway, let’s move on to the mansion…

Look around the kitchen-everything is removable, just like a real kitchen. I used a real kit to make this.