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Sketch 2

Sketch 3

These are photos of a model city that I created for a school project. It’s an eco- friendly city called MeCoCity, and it is supposedly located near Lake Okeechobee in Florida. It uses heat from inside the Earth to warm the water, wind turbines and solar panels to power houses and buildings, and the energy the Minitrains give off to give back power to the Minitrains. I wrote an 8- page document on this futuristic city, but I’ll summarize it in 6 bullet points…

-Each home houses two families, and they are space efficient and have gardens on top of them.

-All gutters and drains in the city have small water wheels that produce electricity when it rains and water rushes through. The water is filtered three times, then is kept in the city’s water supply to be used across MeCoCity when needed.

-There are three fully autonomous aboveground trains in the city that serve as replacements for cars. People in the city walk to where they need to go from the train station.

-All trash and recycling in MeCoCity is distributed across 6 different waste canisters positioned at Minitrain stations around the city: Plastic, Glass, Paper, Metal, Other, Natural Food and Drink, and Processed/Artificial Food and Drink. The items are either melted and reused, combined and reused, recycled and sold or shipped off as an export, composted, or treated and thrown away. This depends on the category of item.

-MeCoMail is a system of vacuum sealed underground tubes that are located underneath the city. Ports are in each Minitrain station. To send something out, all you have to do is open the chute and slide the item inside. It will be sucked through, all the way to the MeCoMail center.

-The MeCoCity Growing center is a greenhouse by the edge of the city that all fruits and vegetables are grown in. They are each located in controlled environments that suit the needs of each peculiar plant. The finished product is washed and sent through a special MeCoMail system inside a reused Styrofoam container.