The life of Shenzu (story courtesy of a writing prompt in creative writing class)

A rocky outcropping above the Mediterranean lay hidden between night and day- it was never too dark there, but the rock usually stayed in the shadows. But not tonight. The moss growing on the flat bed of granite glistened, wet with dew. It shown in a beautiful, dark green color. The tiny water droplets reflected the candlelight that illuminated the magical place.

With the brilliant circle of intricately designed candles, made from beeswax and a thin string, Shenzu could both see the beach below, and also see the glimmering night sky. The candles were treated with a light essential oil blend, which made the air smell of frankincense, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil. It was peaceful, as the chilly wind blew and the candles flickered.

Shenzu loved this place right after dusk. No matter how cold it was, the candles kept him warm. If it was snowing, the rocks above caught it. Bugs? They didn’t like the candles and the scent. And even though getting to his special place was hard- Shenzu had to slip past the gate preventing people from going onto the rocks- he couldn’t help himself. No one else in his lonely life knew about this spot, and he left no trace, except for a few scattered birdseeds for the seagulls and pigeons here and there.

Since Shenzu was so skinny and light, he caused the rocks above no disturbances, either. From his old days of being a monk, Shenzu still had a long, flowing beard and dark robes. But he had moved past that now. All he did was live in the moment, and at the moment he was here, on this rock, surrounded by candles and candlelight, in the brisk air that smelled of yesterday, promising a tomorrow. At the moment, though, it was carrying the scent of eucalyptus, frankincense, and tea tree oil to a far off place, where someone else could encounter the smell of today, right now, this moment. And that was the life of Shenzu.